Welcome to INTERIM Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

INTERIM Counselling and Psychotherapy services provide low-cost, counselling and psychotherapy to adults, couples, families, young people, children and groups. (Trustees can sanction a set number of free sessions if you are unable to contribute). The service is available weekdays, evenings and Saturdays.

Fees range from ‘No charge’ to £60 per session.

A team of experienced, qualified and registered Counsellors and Psychotherapists offer a range of theoretical approaches and treatment models; encompassing common aspects from different schools of psychotherapy: Psychoanalytic, Existential, Humanistic, Transpersonal and Jungian models. All of our counsellors and psychotherapists attend weekly supervision and their own personal therapy.

Whatever your reasons for seeking Counselling and Psychotherapy it is helpful to meet for an initial session, where we can reflect on the way you experience the issues and difficulties in your life and how you may want your therapy to proceed. 

Please Contact INTERIM or telephone 07827932167 and leave a message and we will return your call.  

Thank you.